Foshan Shijia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a highly respected enterprise with a specialization in the design and production of aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment. Our line of products includes aluminum sawing solutions, aluminum billet preheat furnaces, billet saws, billet deoxidizing and descaling machines, and much more. We have an independently operating research and development team made up of industry experts that works extremely hard to create new and improved pieces of equipment consistently. The R&D team's designs are brought to life by our outstanding production staff that utilizes advanced processing equipment to manufacture our excellent aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment.

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As an experienced aluminum extrusion equipment manufacturer we are able to offer preheat furnace, ageing oven, bullet loader and aluminum ingot sawing machine for aluminum extrusion manufacturers. All the machines can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s extruded aluminum requirements. No matter for equipping a new aluminum extrusion line or upgrading an existing extrusion line, you can find the aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment in Shijia to meet your aluminum extrusion needs. Read More

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